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You will need products to promote. If you have not yet please get an affiliate account with ClickBank it is free.

You can start going through the market place and start looking for products that interest you. For now continue with the following.

Go to Bitly and get an account. It is free. This will be to shorten and track links. Affiliate links are rather long and these look better and can be tracked.

Now you have products to choose from and will be able to shorten the links. Now what?

The best way to learn affiliate marketing is to go through the training at GPS. This will train you free on how to really increase your wealth. Go there now and do all of the training. Take advantage of all the free trials and affiliate programs associated with their system. Sign up here.

You will need free traffic here is the first of many places to go. So Many Hits

This will keep you busy for now. Will here from me soon.

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