Leading with VALUE

To many times prospects are presented a product or service and asked to pay up. This will work to get a impulse buy but not create any kind of rapport or a relationship.

Here are the questions you should be asking:

  1. What questions do my prospects have before making a buying decision?
  2. What is the struggle or problem I can help my prospect with?
  3. Do you know of anyone that has experienced something awful because of not they do not have what you are offering?
  4. Do you know of anyone who has had a great experience because of what you have to offer?
  5. Do I have prospects that would enjoy tips for how to increase there enjoyment with what I have to offer?

Leading with value instead of your product will increase your ability to create lasting relationships with people. Taking them from a prospect to customer through value.

Example: Free diet cooking tips newsletter. Now you have a subscriber that trust you and wants to know what you have to say. After reading newsletter for a few weeks they decide to use the coupon in the newsletter for the juicer you sell at your store. They come in and buy the juicer and several other products. You did not have to sell them on it because of trust.

You get 1000 subscribers that get a newsletter once a week. 30% open every newsletter (300) 10% of those make a buying decision. 30 new buyers/ repeat customers.

You paid $300 for newsletter set up and $100 for each month after. Newsletter grows to 5000 subscriber in six months. Do the math. You get around 350 new customers for $800. That’s just customers not sales totals and repeat visits.

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