Premium Package

Lead Generating Website/ Blog – we will build a website with content created around the product or service you provide.

E-Newsletter – When the visitor wants more information they will be put on an email list. They will receive weekly emails on a subject that relates to the product or service you provide.

Social Media – You will get a professional Facebook page filled with content from website and additional marketing content. We will also build additional social media profiles.

Search Engine Optimization – we will set all of the above up to be found on Google and Bing.

Advertising – Using social media, Google, and other sources to get you traffic and set you up to convert sales.

We also provide much more. We will get you 50 new prospects the first month and 100 every month after. Probably more! Imagine having an email list of 5000 prospects/ customers in a year.

Here is what your investment will be:

Set up and management for first 60 days – $2000.00

Every additional month of content creation and advertising. $850.00

That is like getting an additional full time employee for about $200 dollars a week to who’s sole purpose is to build your business.

How much would 50 to a 100 additional prospects make you?

What are you budgeted for for just advertising?

All this will pay for itself and more. Give us a call!

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